CSB337 (Atmel AT91RM9200 based SBC)

The CSB337 Single Board Computer is an inexpensive OEM Board that features a 184Mhz ARM920T Core with integrated 10/100 Ethernet, USB Device, USB Host (x2), I2S Audio I/F, SDIO (4-Bit), Serial I/O (x4) and ETM (16-Bit). Additional board features are Battery-Backed RTC, S1D13706 QVGA LCD Controller, Dual CAN and SD/MMC Socket. Detailed specification includes:

Feature CSB337 - Atmel AT91RM9200 ARM 920T Core
Core 184Mhz ARM920T, 16K I-Cache, 16K D-Cache
SDRAM 32Mbyte 32-Bit Wide SDRAM
FLASH 8Mbyte 16-Bit Wide StrataFLASH
NAND FLASH Secure Digital Card via 4-Bit SDIO Controller
LCD Controller Epson S1D13706 with 80KByte SRAM supports up to 320x240 TFT, HR-TFT and STN Displays
Serial RS232 x 2, Master/Slave SPI x 1 - Two additional UARTS (TTL only) available via the GPIO Expansion Connector
CAN Infineon SAK82C900 Dual CAN Controller via SPI
Ethernet On-Chip 10/100 Mbit Controller with DMA
PS2 HT6542B Controller
Real Time Clock Dallas DS1307 With Battery
Bus Expansion Full CPU Bus and GPIO available via 40-Pin stackable headers
USB V1.1 Device Port - Two USB V1.1 Host ports available via GPIO Expansion Connector
Audio I2S Interface via GPIO Expansion Connector (requires external Codec)
Compact Flash Compact Flash Interface via GPIO, Address and Data Bus Expansion Connectors (Compatible with CSB301 Compact Flash Socket)
JTAG 20-Pin Header ( Abatron BDI2000 , Macraigor OCDemon and Nohau EMUL-ARM compatible)
Embedded Trace 38-Pin, High-Speed, Embedded Trace Module Connector, 16-Bit ( Nohau EMUL-ARM compatible)
LED's 3 User Driven via GPIO
Switches 3 User Readable via GPIO
Power 5V Only Connection
Boot Monitor Micromonitor
Datasheet CSB337 Datasheet (PDF)
Board Photo CSB337 Photo (JPG)
Users Manual CSB337 Users Manual
RTOS BSP Micrium µC/OS-II RTEMS and Win CE .Net
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